8. Aug, 2021

Deb Jackson

Less than a week until my girls come to stay at Oak Brook - 3 old hands (one was born at Oak Brook and returns every year) and 3 newbies. One thing for certain is that Lynne will look after them like her own ๐Ÿ˜Š

20. Apr, 2021


This was our first time leaving Coco and Caramel with Lynne, Lynne was so welcoming and so caring towards our pigs and us we instantly knew how well cared for Coco and Caramel would be while we were on holiday. We were so impressed with Lynne's guinea
pig boarding facilities that Coco and Caramel are booked in for our future holidays with Lynne over the summer!

30. Aug, 2019


We have used Lynne twice now to look after our guinea pigs and we are so glad to have found her! Both our guinea pigs seem to enjoy boarding at Lynne's and the last time they had a grooming session which was excellent value for money - £10 for two piggies
to be bathed, hair cut and nails trimmed - they looked very smart indeed, so I would definitely use that service again. Lynne knows so much about these animals and it feels very reassuring to be able to ask her questions each time we see her to get her advice.
The location is great and the garden is like something out of an Enid Blyton book, it's lovely to always see a collection of guinea pigs in the hutches or on the grass. It must be great company for our two to be able to watch and be curious about the other
piggies roaming around. I cannot recommend Lynne's service highly enough to be honest!

9. Aug, 2019


This was the first time our young piggies have had the pleasure of Lynne's loving care and attention. We left them with total confidence in Lynne's care. Oak Brook Guinea Pig Boarding is an amazing setting with perfect facilities. Lynne is very knowledgeable
and experienced. We certainly won't hesitate to contact Lynne again for any future holidays for Mo and Nutty!

PS when we got in touch with Lynne whilst we were on holiday enquiring how our piggies were, she even emailed photos of a very happy Mo and Nutty chilling in an outdoor pen on the grass.

24. Jun, 2019

Deborah Jackson

Our girls have been returning since 2015. Lynne really understands their care which is so reassuring. Definitely recommended for home-from-home guinea pig accommodation!

4. Jun, 2019

Kori Sears

My 2 boys boarded with Oakbrook for all of our holidays away over the past 3 years, and it's been like their holiday time. ๐Ÿ˜Š They would be so relaxed when we brought them home. Absolutely recommend Oakbrook!

10. May, 2019


We have used Lynneโ€™s boarding facilities for our four piggies numerous times over the last five years. We are very happy to leave them with her, particularly as three of them were born at Oakbrook. Highly recommended!

21. Jan, 2018


Rosie exploring her new tunnel. The girls have settled in and we love them!

11. Jul, 2017


We rehomed an older piggie from Lynn. She was fab with all our questions and allowed us time to get to know Caramel ( rosie). Caramel has settled lovely with our other piggie and certainly has plenty of charactef

1. Jun, 2017

Emma Lewis

We've had Bentley and Chester for around 18 months now and love them to bits. This is the first time I've had male piggies and they are so cheeky and ask for food about 20 times a day!

23. Apr, 2017


We have had our guinea pigs peanut and coco for two weeks now and we love them, they are really cute. Lynne is brilliant would highly recommend.
If you have any concerns she is more than happy to help.
Our guineas will be very spoilt I am sure.
My girls in the picture below love their new pets.

23. Apr, 2017


some pictures from my lovely customers.

31. Mar, 2017

Belinda Shute

Hi Lynne. I just wanted to thank you for our lovely Swiss Teddies Dolly and Twinkle. We bought them from you in November and they are absolutely gorgeous. They are really brave now and have such funny personalities. Woud love to have more from you but
I don't have any room in my shed.....yet!!!!

3. Jan, 2017

Sam, Tom and Benjamin xx

Sorry for taking so long to add this but Peanut and Biscuit are a year old now and a huge part of our family. Would highly recommend lynne, her passion for guinea pigs is second to none. Peanut and Biscuit have also been on their summer holidays to lynne
where they were well looked after, they will be back this year! X

6. Dec, 2016

angie downer

heres youre baby shes got so big

20. Oct, 2016


I am so happy, with the baby guinea pig,and the older one,we brought, For company, We named them Annie and squeak, The baby, is growing to be beautiful,and the little black and white one still wriggy, They are just adorable.and spoilt Thanks. I must get
a photo

19. Mar, 2016


We bought Bertie from Lynne as a companion for our older boar Nigel at the end of January. Lynne was great, letting us bring Nigel down to meet his new friend and making sure they would get on before we took Bertie home.
The pair of them are now great
friends. Thank you Lynne!

11. Mar, 2016

Vita & Raivo

We've got our girls Estella (golden/white) and Latisha on 02/10/2015
Just would like to thank Lynne for that lovely guinea pigs. And definately would recommend Lynne as an experienced and caring breeder.
Estella and Latisha settled really well
and happily live together with another 14 sows.)))
Thank you Lynne.

30. Nov, 2015


Well the boys have settled in lovely...hear the squeaks starting as I come down the stairs in the mornings.
Crumble and Noodle are really happy comical guineas and have us twisted around their paws!
Thanks to Lynne for raising them and keeping
us up to date with their progress in the weeks waiting for them, we would recommend oakbrook to anyone!..just had their first photo shoot and I must say they been one of my best animals to shoot! Thanks again xx

12. Oct, 2015

Sarah, Laura and Louise

We would like to show you our wonderful guineas Hugo (grey) and Leo. We have had them for a few weeks now and they have settled very well. They give the family a lot of pleasure.

We would like to thank Lynne for all her assistance, she keeps
you fully informed from the moment of your first enquiry. She is there also after you have taken them home giving further advice if required. Lynne seems to be very highly recommended and we would certainly add our recommendations to that list.

you Lynne. Hugo and Leo have settled really well. x

21. Jun, 2015

Kate, Hannah and Jo.

Thank you for letting us have Charlie (white face) and Stanley. They have settled in well. They enjoy having cuddles, because of how much Lynne handled them before we got them!
We met mum and dad and the babies soon after they were born and were shown
around and given advice on food, shelter etc.
We would definitely recommend buying from Lynne!

13. Jun, 2015


We got our 2 lovely piggies from Lynne in 2014 and it was lovely that she let us meet them when they were just a week old. Her facilities are great and she gave us good advice as new piggy owners. We have used her boarding facilities twice and she clearly
loves having them back to stay. Highly recommended!

10. Jun, 2015

Lizzie, Paul & poppy freeman

Lynne is the best person I know of to get guinea pigs from. We were kept up to date from the very beginning & even got a call when they were born which was very exciting. Lynne gave great advice and was always very friendly to deal with. Our guinea pigs
are beautiful and we are so thankful we found Lynne to get them from

Website 10. Jun, 2015


Would definitely recommend getting your babies from Lynne, she was so helpful when mine were born as I was away but she kept me up to date and arranged for me to visit. Her set up is lovely and spotlessly clean and the guinea pigs are obviously well cared
for. My three babies are beautiful, very calm, used to being handled and a credit to Lynne's breeding.